Financial Institutions(+) 

We optimise the management and settlement processes of banking and financial products, issuing recommendations based on the analysis of best practices, whose implementation maximise the company's revenue.

Economic Advisory(+)

We do expert reports on sectoral regulations. We assess the macroeconomic impact of regulatory changes, evaluate local and national investment projects and provide the related cost-benefit analysis. We conduct independent economic assessment reports for use by companies and their legal advisers at any stage of a dispute: negotiation, pre-litigation or litigation and in any area of legal or arbitration proceedings.

Strategic Advisory(+)

We advise our clients on their corporate and business unit strategy. Our projects cover the most relevant areas for our clients, including growth and globalisation, mergers and takeovers, operations and marketing.

Economic Research(+)

We offer economic, social and institutional analysis for Spain, Europe and Latin America. 


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