Solchaga Recio & asociados employs mainstream practices in compiling economic valuation reports and has a team of experts for all of these able to lead or advise with regard to the dispute in question.

Damage assessment (+)

Solchaga Recio & asociados draws up independent expert reports to thoroughly quantify and clarify business disputes in cases of arbitration or litigation. Our reports are also used for mediation.

Company valuation (+)

This may be crucial for litigation and lawsuits as well as for acquisitions and divestitures. Solchaga Recio & asociados has its own proven tools to assess different strategies and situations,

Competition (+)

Enforcement of antitrust legislation requires experience in microeconomic analysis to defend dossiers on anti-competitive behaviour and how that effects the market. Economic analysis is essential in all merger proceedings to prevent certain factors from conditioning operations.

Claims for damages under Directive 2014/104/EU (+)

The imminent transposition of Directive 2014/104/EU into Spanish law opens a new avenue to claim damages caused by breaches of anti-trust law and compensation for those harmed by anti-competitive behaviour. The work done by economists in assessing damages in accordance with the methodology set out in Directive 2014/104/EU is now crucial.

Intellectual Property (+)

The definition of the relevant market and its valuation require experts who can ensure the plausibility of the assumptions made in the quantification.

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