In recent years there has been a steady increase in economic analysis services relating to antitrust law. Microeconomic analysis is increasingly necessary in defining public policies and demonstrating anti-competitive behaviour and its effects on the market. 

We perform several different economic analyses related to mergers:

  • Market definition using economic tools;
  • Remedies for merger control to offset the effects on the market and uphold competition;
  • Monitoring trustee of merged companies with periodical reports.

In the area of ​​cartels and information sharing we analyse:

  • Factors favouring collusion in the industry (number of competitors, market shares, barriers to entry, transparency, competitive demand, innovation, cost of symmetry between competitors, product differentiation, etc.).
  • Situation of the relevant market, geography, barriers to entry, price trends, product and quality.
  • Commercial strategies of competitors such as price agreements, distribution and terms of quantity and quality in the market.
  • Impact of information exchanged between companies (empirical evidence regarding price, quantity, price volatility and market shares, correlation analysis).

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