Electric power

Conflicts arise in the electricity sector at different stages of the value chain: generation, transmission, distribution and marketing. Solchaga Recio & asociados have extensive experience in this sector that can facilitate understanding and quantify the value of different disputes.


Iñigo Herguera

Helena Merenciano

  Renewable Energies

Regulatory policy affecting renewable energy in Spain has been subject to major changes that have altered the profitability of electrical installations protected under previous legislation. These regulatory changes have led to a number of disputes between companies that require two types of analysis: interpretation of the regulation and the economic impact of the changes giving rise to litigation



Miguel Solchaga

  Oil and Natural Gas

Changes in the energy sector, environmental considerations and price trends in the energy market are affecting investment decisions in the oil and gas sectors. These structural changes can be a source of disagreements between companies in various aspects related to compliance with contracts. 


Regina Kaiser

Joan Ramon Borrell


  Civil works

Public infrastructure projects have increasingly resorted to arbitration courts as a way to settle disputes. Arbitration is the instrument of choice to settle a great many disputes between the public sector and private companies. The economic report that accompanies all arbitration proceedings is essential and must be drawn up with a view to ensuring proper quantification of disputes. 



Julio García Cobos



Regulation of these sectors is very specific. It can lead to disputes not only during construction but also when contracts are awarded and tariffs set. Experts with knowledge of the regulations governing this sector are needed to conduct economic analyses and new proposals



Julio García Cobos



In light of telecommunications regulations and technological developments, experts in this sector are needed to conduct the economic analysis of disputes. Our experts not only draw up expert reports but also guide the legal teams through the intricacies of the sector to facilitate understanding of cases and develop their arguments.



Iñigo Herguera


  Health-care and pharmaceuticals

The proliferation of pharmaceutical patents resulting from technological innovation has led to a growing number of disputes between companies responsible for the legal protection of drugs. The report quantifying damages in the event of a dispute is vital and requires economic analysis to determine the direct and indirect cost of the infringement. It is drawn up using the most stringent methods to ensure protection.


Joan Ramon Borrell



Subject to enormous controversy in terms of competition, this sector has been subject to numerous enquiries by various national and European authorities and has also been affected by mergers and restructuring.


Miguel Solchaga


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