Economic Impact 

Our reports help with decision making on investment projects and seletion of economic measturements 

  • They aim to provide the technical basis for investment decisions taken by agents or institutions.
  • They provide quantitative and qualitative information derived from statistical models on the impact on employment, demand, production, the environment and taxes.
  • They can be uese tio atract other agents and institutions thus providing added financial capacity for project development.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Based on impact assessment, we undertake a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of the project, programme, intervention or policy, to determine whether the project is advisable from an economic or social welfare perspective and, if so, to what extent. 

Our reports help determine the costs and benefits of a project, expressed in monetary units

  • Who wins and who loses, and by how much, as a result of an investment programme 
  • Ex-ante selection from among a set of alternative projects 
  • Ex-post evaluation to quantify the net social value of a project already implemented.
  • The financial viability of the project, i.e. its life cycle and income distribution.

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