We offer a vision of the economic, social and institutional situation of the regions in which our clients operate. We write current affairs articles about sector-specific, regulatory or institutional affairs. We make forecasts about the evolution of the main macroeconomic magnitudes, and participate in the FUNCAS forecast panel on the Spanish economy.

Our team estimates the macroeconomic impact of reforms and regulatory changes.

We collaborate with the media and contribute with our opinions to the public economic debate.


Periodical reports

We issue reports that allow our clients to form an opinion about current economic developments.

Our leading reports include: the analysis of the macroeconomic situation in Spain and Europe; current economic affairs reports about the political and economic situation in Latin America, focussing particularly on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela; Spanish's brief remopots on macroeconomic indicators; political intelligence analyses; articles about sector-specific, regulatory or institutional reforms, and on other matters of interest such as the Government  Budget; annual report on prospects for Latin America in which we analyse the most important political and economic events of the past year and future forecasts.




Last Publications

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