We issue reports that allow managers to form their own opinion about current economic developments. We also collaborate with the media, through which we share information and contribute to the public economic debate.


Spanish and European Reports (+)

We evaluate and synthesise the most outstanding aspects related to the macroeconomic situation in Spain and Europe in the economic, institutional, sector-specific and regulatory areas.

Latin American reports (+)

We analyse the region's political and economic situation, focusing on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.
We publish an annual report called Perspectivas de América Latina [Latin American Outlooks], in which we address the most outstanding points in the previous year, accompanied by prospective analyses and forecasts.

Sector-specific Reports (+)

We generate reports about sector-specific, regulatory and institutional reforms and other matters of interest for our clients. We also produce political intelligence analysis and on possible post-election scenarios.

Economic Indicators Brief Reports (+)

We publish brief informative bulletins with the most recent information about the Spanish economy.


Collaborations (+)

To obtain further information about our latest collaborations, click here.



Specific projects

Studio on Net Neutrality (conducted by Telefónica SA) (+)

The purpose of this study, conducted for Telefónica S.A., is to analyze telecommunications “net neutrality” from a new perspective. We will examine the hypothetical imposition of neutrality rule in other industries. 

During 2015, we have examined every month a different sector/industry in order to show the impact that imposing a neutrality rule would have on them.



Last Publications

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